To investigate online communication as a true human activity, with a long term, comprehensive and holistic approach.
In particular, stressing human growth and quest for meaning in touristic experiences - eTourism. projects at eLearning Africa 2015

eLearning Africa 2015 Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska at eLearning Africa 2015

Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska is currently attending eLearning Africa 2015 Conference in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

During the conference she has presented eLearning in tourism and hospitality projects managed by, in particular concentrating on the WHACY compaign – «World Heritage Awareness Campaign for Youth in Southern African Development Community (SADC)».

The paper she presented is the following one: “Technologies for informal learning: An awareness campaign about UNESCO World Heritage Sites in SADC” by Asta Adukaite, Izak van Zyl, Nadzeya Kalbaska and Lorenzo Cantoni.

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