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Online the Switzerland Travel Academy

Switzerland Travel Academy eLearning

We are thrilled to announce that the Switzerland Travel Academy, a new eLearning course about Switzerland, has been just launched by Switzerland Tourism:

The project was lead by Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska, and included researchers and developers in two laboratories of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI): and eLab, who have done the instructional design and technical development of this eLearning course.

With this new eLearning tool, designed for the travel trade, tourism professionals from all over the world will be able to learn about Switzerland, its tourism product, as well as well be prepared to serve potential visitors to Switzerland.

The Switzerland Travel Academy consists of core and specialisation modules. The core modules cover what a travel professional needs to know about Switzerland and informs on the latest events and experiences in the country. The specialisation modules offer a deeper focus on different topics such as family holidays, accommodation offers, and outdoor activities.

Content-wise, the platform has been developed thanks to the feedback that Switzerland Tourism has received from their learners, and also thanks to the previous extensive studies we have done on the topic at USI.  In particular, shorter texts have been combined with more images, videos, maps, and interactive elements. The possibility to interact online with the employees from Switzerland Tourism as well as with peers has also been integrated.

Learners now can share their views on Switzerland, which are then represented in the form of a common tag-cloud; they can also share learning contents and experiences via social media.

Technology-wise, one of the most used open source learning management systems – Moodle has been adapted, making it easier to change and update the content. The new platform is user friendly, and its design is fully responsive, meaning that it can be easily accessed also by smart phones and tablets.