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The Successful Project of Panoramic Ticino in collaboration with Ticino Tourism

Embracing the chance to discover and rediscover Ticino, 27 students from the Master of International Tourism at USI (a.a. 2013-2014) enlightened 40 wonderful panoramas of the Ticino Region. In collaboration with Ticino Tourism and within the impulse of, students put into practice their knowledge in new technologies learnt during the course eTourism Technology Lab led by dr. Elena Marchiori, and two student assistants Hazique Memon Gul and Fabio Flepp.

The appreciated result has been online since April 2014 on

Tourists and locals can now find online high quality information with an innovative panoramic visual revealing the treasures of Ticino from Monte Brè to Serpiano, including two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Monte San Giorgio and the castles of Bellinzona. Once again the collaboration with Ticino Tourism with Master students has proven its fruitfulness in the eTourism field.


In the picture, from left to right: dr. Elena Marchiori, Chiara Doimo, Adriana Miotto, Bogdan Matwiichuk, Anastasia Glinina, Abdulla Abdullayev, Michela Gusso, Ioulianos Dialynas, Arwin Ehteshamnia, Irene Secciani, Emanuele Mele, Laura Raimundo, Mahdy Ellabban, Edoardo Cantoni, David Taylor, Raffaele Tardio, Irina Bregvadze, Liselotte Schneider, Silviya Georgieva, Munlika Boonyawong, Giada De Rocco, Yu Nong Wen, Mariya Abbasova.
For the Ticino Tourism team: Luca Preto, Timo Cadlolo, and Laura Gugelmann.

Thank you!