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Luxury in Hospitality: an Analysis of Online Reviews of Chinese and Indian Hotels

Laura Malinverno, Asta Adukaite, Lorenzo Cantoni. Luxury in Hospitality: an Analysis of Online Reviews of Chinese and Indian Hotels. April 2013. Pdf, ~508 KB.

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Luxury tourism has a multiple identity and can be interpreted from different perspectives. However, understanding the elements and emotions involved in a luxury tourism experience are essential to identify guests’ expectations. This research is based on the analysis of user-generated contents (UGC) from the Hotel Reviews Website Reviews written about Chinese and Indian luxury hotels, namely 5*+, were selected to explore elements and perceptions emerging from guests’ comments. 390 reviews were analyzed, 8 dimensions divided into 78 categories were identified as elements of the luxury hotels experience. Moreover, five luxury characteristics, extracted from previous research, were tested to verify this existing structure for the case of luxury tourism. Results showed that luxury concept is a dynamic and changing element in the context of luxury Chinese and Indian hotels, and that UGCs can be a useful tool to understand expectations of prospective guests, and priorities of luxury experiences.