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URL: User Requirements with Lego

Lorenzo Cantoni, Marco Faré, Elisabetta Frick. URL: User Requirements with Lego. Ver. 1.0. May 2011. Pdf, ~1.5 MB.

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Introduction. This guide explains URL: User Requirements with Lego, a methodology to elicit user requirements for online communication applications. This guide is addressed to online communication consultants, such as web agencies or freelancers, as well as to communication departments in large organizations. The guide explains what is URL and how to use it. It gives hints on why use URL with clients and helps in persuading them. URL is an application of Lego Serious Play (LSP), supports the requirement analysis and contributes in building the team. URL was developed at the laboratories NewMinE and, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Università della Svizzera italiana (University of Lugano, Switzerland) with the collaboration of trivioquadrivio and Kharta, and was formerly known as Real Time Web (RTW). In this document an overview of theories and practices behind URL is given, namely LSP and the Online Communication Model (OCM). URL is then presented in details, in particular what it is, what are the advantages in using it and its limitations. In the last chapter the methodology is explained, starting from the organization of an URL workshop, continuing with the phases of the workshop and including the report. This document is based on the manual (Open-source/ Lego Serious Play>), available online at the address www.seriousplay. com/19483/HOW TO GET IT.

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