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Launch of FUTOUR project for vocational training in Ticino

On the 7th of September Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni has participated in the press conference held in Bellinzona (Switzerland) in order to launch a new project for vocational training in the canton Ticino called FUTOUR (Il turismo del futuro tra tecnologia, comunicazione e ospitalità) i.e. The future of tourism among technology, communication and hospitality. lab together with the following partners:

  • Vocational school for hoteliers and tourism studies in Bellinzona (Scuola superiore alberghiera e del turismo (SSAT)
  • ticinoinfo sa, competence center for technology for tourism in Ticino, Bellinzona
  • Department of Finance, Economy of the Canton Ticino

will be involved in the project, which will start in November 2012 aiming to provide a vocational training for tourism operators with a particular focus on hoteliers in Ticino canton on two main topics:

  • applied use of technologies,
  • applied use of communication, welcoming and hospitality.

The goal of the project is to train professionals in the tourism sector to interact skillfully with new digital technologies and new communication strategies. The vocational training program will allow to acquire knowledge necessary to work productively and independently in a very dynamic tourism sector.

For more information please visit the FUTOUR website

The project launch has received a high media attention in the canton, here you can watch a video reportage as well as read the article published in the “La Ragione” newspaper.