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Latin America and the Caribbean. The Online Presence of the World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHSs) are places of outstanding value to humanity, which represent cultural and natural heritage around the globe. As for 2013, 13% from the total number of properties belongs to Latin America and the Caribbean. This geographical region, famous for its extraordinary historical, cultural and natural diversity, hosts 131 WHSs out of 981.

The new report by Aimara Babbar Rivas, Elmira Gazizova, Elena Marchiori, and Lorenzo Cantoni is dedicated to analyse the web presence of UNESCO World Heritage Properties in Latin America and the Caribbean.
124 websites entitled to represent the 131 WHSs were found and thoroughly investigated by answering several research questions: how extensive is the online info about the WHSs; who manages related websites; what do those websites offer to users and potential visitors; and how well are social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ integrated within their online communication.

The study justifies the increasing importance of ICT in presenting WHSs, sharing their values, and communicating tourism-related information. In addition, this research entirely corresponds to the mission of the UNESCO chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites, recently established at the Università della Svizzera italiana, whose chair-holder is Professor Lorenzo Cantoni.

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