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Latin America and the Caribbean. The Online Presence of the World Heritage Sites

Aimara Babbar Rivas, Elmira Gazizova, Elena Marchiori, and Lorenzo Cantoni. Latin America and the Caribbean. The Online Presence of the World Heritage Sites. July 2013. Pdf, ~850 KB.

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Executive summary

This report analyses the web presence of UNESCO World Heritage Properties in Latin America and the Caribbean. The research was carried out in 2013 and the content of the websites that represent 131 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHSs) in 26 countries of Latin America & the Caribbean was analysed. By investigating those websites and classifying them according to several topic categories, an overview of the online presence of WHSs has been elaborated. Such analysis was complemented by the investigation of social media integration. 124 websites entitled to represent the WHSs in Latin America & the Caribbean were found and thoroughly examined. In addition, we derived several findings upon the analysis of social media networks linked to those websites. The research underlines the increasing importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in presenting WHSs, sharing their values, and communicating tourism-related information to users and potential visitors; by doing so, their sustainable development could be promoted to the rest of the world.