To investigate online communication as a true human activity, with a long term, comprehensive and holistic approach.
In particular, stressing human growth and quest for meaning in touristic experiences - eTourism.

Our team at ENTER2015 eTourism Conference (Lugano, Switzerland)

ENTER2015 eTourism conference

Our team has been deeply involved in the organization of the ENTER2015 eTourism conference in Lugano (Switzerland) at the beginning of February 2015.

The conference has been hosted on the premises of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI Lugano) and the USI team has been coordinated by Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni and Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska, while social media coverage has been done by Arwin Ehteshamnia.

Swiss day of the Conference has been co-organized by Dr. Elena Marchiori, while Dr. Silvia de Ascaniis has organized a workshop on Religious Tourism destinations.

We have presented the research we were doing last year:

  • Asta Adukaite. Technology enhanced learning in tourism. Teachers’ and students’ perspectives in South Africa. (PhD workshop presentation)
  • Silvia De Ascaniis, Alessia Borrè, Elena Marchiori and Lorenzo Cantoni. Listen to your customers. How Hotels Manage Online Travel Reviews: The Case of Hotels in Lugano. (Full paper)
  • Maria Garbelli, Asta Adukaite and Lorenzo Cantoni. Communicating Tourism Sustainability Online. The Case of Victoria Falls World Heritage Site. (Short paper)
  • Elena Marchiori and Irem Önder. Reframing the Image of a Destination. A Pre-Post Study on Social Media Exposure. (Full paper)
  • Elena Marchiori and Lorenzo Cantoni. Studying Online Contents Navigation: A Comparison between Eye-Tracking Technique and Self-Reported Investigation. (Full paper)
  • Jamie Murphy, Nadzeya Kalbaska, Laurel Horton-Tognazzini and Lorenzo Cantoni. Online Learning and MOOCs: a Framework Proposal. (Full paper)
  • Anna Picco-Schwendener and Lorenzo Cantoni. Tourists and Municipal Wi-Fi Networks (MWN): The Case of Lugano (Switzerland). (Full paper)
  • David Salomao and Lorenzo Cantoni. Co-Design of eTourism Application. The Case of Ilha de Mozambique. (Short paper)
  • Ainhoa Serna, Elena Marchiori, Jon Kepa Gerrikagoitia, Aurkene Alzua-Sorzabal, and Lorenzo Cantoni. An Auto-Coding Process for Testing the Cognitive-Affective and Conative Model of Destination Image. (Full paper)

Alessia Borré received IFITT Master Thesis Excellence Award for her thesis on “Listening and dialogue practices in online travel reviews: the case of hotels in Lugano (Switzerland)”.

Involved a wonderful group of volunteers from Master in International Tourism (USI), managed by Emanuele Mele and Laura Raimundo.

We are looking forward to the next ENTER2016 eTourism conference in Bilbao (Spain)!