To investigate online communication as a true human activity, with a long term, comprehensive and holistic approach.
In particular, stressing human growth and quest for meaning in touristic experiences - eTourism.

Dr. Cristina Fabi, Visiting Researcher from University of Teramo, Italy

Dr. Cristina Fabi, postdoctoral researcher from University of Teramo, Italy, joint the team from November 2012 to February 2013.

During her time at she contributed in several research projects:
–, the professional training project for hoteliers and tourist operators in Ticino Canton.
– National survey with the Italian’s DMOs aiming to understanding their level of web marketing maturity.
– Series of interviews with Swiss hotels managers aiming to understanding barriers and facilitators in adopting web marketing.

We also want to congratulate Cristina for her recent successful achievement: Ph.D in Social Theories and Policies for Social Development. Her doctoral thesis was titled: “Reti telematiche e reti sociali per lo sviluppo turistico del territorio. Travel 2.0 nella Provincia di Teramo” “Computer and social networks for the tourism development. Travel 2.0 in the Province of Teramo”. You can view Cristina’s thesis presentation here or check her thesis abstract below.

During the 20th century the world wide web radically changed many consumer behaviour patterns: Tourists globally started using on-line information to package their holidays, to find advice during their trips and to easily share feed-back and photos around the world. In the face of these changes, on the supply side, they will be faced with revolutionary novelties in the means of communication in the field of tourism, with the possibility to be present in a new market without any space-time limits. Assuming that, the use of web and Web 2.0 tools can support tourism firms for the promotion and information activities, it is supposed that the on-line presence can differ on the basis of structural characteristics. The doctoral research will place a special focus on how accommodation establishments, located in a same tourist context, use the Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in different ways. A case study on an Italian local destination have been analysed (Provincia di Teramo) with observations of web evaluation methods, resulting in a map of ICTs and a hospitality operator typology based on the on-line presence/absence.