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Destination Marketing. Why do tourists like a destination?

Lorenzo Cantoni, Sara Fedele, Silvia De Ascaniis. Destination Marketing. Why do tourists like a destination?. November 2010. Pdf, ~700 kB.

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Abstract. Which reasons do make a destination worth to be visited? Is there a correspondence between how tourists perceive a destination and how the Destination Management Organization (DMO) promotes it?
The main purpose of this research is to identify which are the reasons that make a destination — in this case, the Republic of Malta — worth a visit from the tourists’ perspective. The study aims on one side, at recognizing and analyzing the main arguments used by tourists — the demand side — when reporting on their experiences on a specific destination, and on the other side to compare the found arguments with those used by the DMO — the supply side — to promote itself. The arguments have been identified through an argumentative analysis of the User Generated Contents about the destination, they were retrieved from the Travel fora of Trip Advisor. Afterwards the arguments used by Malta’s DMO to promote the destination have been analyzed and then compared with those used by the demand side to verify the correspondence between them. The results make it possible to identify strengths and weaknesses of the destination, and additionally to get information on what the DMO should focus on to improve its performances. The understanding of opinions, preferences and perceptions of tourists is a valuable starting point for the development of more effective online marketing strategies by DMOs: before speaking they need to listen carefully to their visitors!