To investigate online communication as a true human activity, with a long term, comprehensive and holistic approach.
In particular, stressing human growth and quest for meaning in touristic experiences - eTourism.

Collaboration with Hospitality Youth Initiative

A collaboration agreement has been concluded between Hospitality Youth Initiative/Hospitality Induction Program and to an eLearning training platform.  HYI/HIP program is based on the attitude: “Attitude is everything”.  A cornerstone of the training program is an upskilling of Service in the Hospitality Industry. This can only be achieved by the correct attitude towards Service. The learners are undergoing a Soft Skills /Attitude Awareness Course, a Foundation Bridging Hospitality/Tourism/Service course, HIV/Aids, technical skills course and a leadership component. 

Currently Angelina Jovic, a member of webatelier team is in South Africa, where she is observing the courses and creating inputs for the game.
The HYI/HIP course has two equally important components:
– classes based on the experiential learning where students are learning about communication skills, soft skills, workplace itself and about themselves
– outdoor activities, like: hiking, abseiling, where team work skills are developed.

eLearning game will cover same elements like HYI/HIP training, by using videos, images, cartoons and textual scenarios. The idea of the game is that students are passing through different levels of complexity, which will lead them from very basic elements of the service to the service excellence. After finishing online training program (eLearning game), students should be able to understand, apply and provide service excellence on the work place.   

See the demo of the game here.