Booking engines for hotel chains

Lorenzo Cantoni, Vittoria Passini, Marco Faré, Alessandro Inversini. Booking engines for hotel chains. Ver. 1.0. November 2010. Pdf, ~700 kB.

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Abstract. What are booking engines‘ main functionalities? How can booking engines sound as the welcoming voice of a receptionist? The present study investigates contents and functionalities of the main hotel chains’ booking engines worldwide. Measuring the interactivity of reservation systems and selecting relevant practices from 162 hotel chains, it helps to understand how to design or improve a booking engine. Results show a quite low degree of engagement with prospective customers, and suggest that a human-like interaction system may be the next step in this area. In other words: a booking engine should move from being just an inventory management system up to becoming a recommendation system. The increasing share requested by intermediating online travel channels may push hotels towards a higher degree of disintermediation, hence investing in their own booking engine.