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webatelier.net, is a research and development laboratory of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Università della Svizzera italiana (University of Lugano), Switzerland.

The role of e-Learning applications within the tourism sector
July 23rd, 2014

Special issue of the eLearn Center Research Paper Series – 8 (2014) on the role of e-Learning applications within the tourism sector has been just released. This special issue is a result of the workshop “Role of e-Learning applications within the tourism and hospitality sector” which was held in October 2013 in Barcelona (Spain). The workshop has been and supported by IFITT (International Federation for IT and Travel and Tourism). Special issue was coordinated by Oriol Miralbell (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain), Lorenzo Cantoni (Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland) and Nadzeya Kalbaska (Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland).

The role of e-learning applications within the tourism sector. O. Miralbell, L. Cantoni, N. Kalbaska

The articles are fully available for download online

Table of Contents

O. Miralbell, L. Cantoni, and N. Kalbaska. The role of e-learning applications within the tourism sector, p. 04-05.

L. Villarejo, F. González-Reverté, O. Miralbell, and J. M. Gomis. Introducing Augmented Reality in Cultural Heritage Studies, p. 06-14.

M. Iglesias-Xamaní. Digital technologies and foreign language learning in tourism studies, p. 15-26.

A. Adukaite, N. Kalbaska, and L. Cantoni. E-learning on tourism destinations. The case of Ticino Switzerland Travel Specialist course, p. 27-34.

N. Kalbaska. National Tourism Organizations’ online training offer. Switzerland Travel Academy Case Study, p. 35-44.

M. De Rose, E. Marchiori, N. Kalbaska, and L. Cantoni. Independent e-learning offers in Tourism and Hospitality. In search of a map and possible quality indicators. p.45-55.

O. Miralbell. Social networking sites and collaborative learning in tourism, p. 56-67.


A successful Master thesis defence
July 14th, 2014

We are pleased to announce that this month, July 2014, our student assistant Alessia Borrè, supervised by Prof. Cantoni, Dr. Elena Marchiori and Dr. Silvia De Ascaniis successfully defended her master thesis in Media Management at USI.

Alessia Borrè’s thesis topic: Listen to your customers. How hotels manage online travel review: the case of hotels in Lugano. (Pratiche di ascolto e di dialogo rispetto alle review online: il caso degli alberghi di Lugano).
In the picture: Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, Alessia Borrè, Dr. Elena Marchiori, and the second reader, Dr. Gabriele Balbi.

Congratulations Alessia!

Alessia Borre, Elena Marchiori, Lorenzo Cantoni

webatelier.net at 12th Asia-Pacific (APacCHRIE) Conference
May 23rd, 2014

webatelier.net researcher Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska has participated in the 12th Asia-Pacific (APacCHRIE) Conference organized by Taylors’ University, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

She has served as a panelist in the panel discussion “Massive Open Online Courses: Future Education in Hospitality and Tourism”.

Moderator: Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nair, Taylor’s University, Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Jamie Murphy, Australian School of Management, Australia
Dr. Seongseop (Sam) Kim, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Dr. Nadzeya Kalbaska, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland
Mr. Alan Williams, Australian School of Management, Australia

Moreover, two research papers were presented during the conference:

Factors influencing awareness about and participation in e-learning courses on tourism destinations among travel agents based in India and New Zealand.” Nadzeya Kalbaska and Lorenzo Cantoni.

A framework for online learning.” Jamie Murphy, Nadzeya Kalbaska, Laurel
Horton-Tognazzini, Peter Ryan and Lorenzo Cantoni.

Jimmy Wales doctor honoris causa in Communication Sciences
May 20th, 2014

During the eighteenth Dies Academicus (May 17th, 2014), prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the USI ( Università della Svizzera italiana) had the great honor to award the title of doctor honoris causa of the Faculty of Communication Sciences to Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikimedia foundation.

Hereafter the reason: “Per il suo ruolo nel promuovere la condivisione online della conoscenza e nell’offrire una piattaforma enciclopedica collaborativa aperta alle diverse lingue e culture” (“For his role in promoting online knowledge sharing, and in providing a collaborative encyclopedic platform open to different languages and cultures”).

“Generally USI does not allow the citation of Wikipedia in work or diploma theses, but this rule applies to all encyclopedias,” said prof. Lorenzo Cantoni. “In fact , the University aims to develop knowledge, while encyclopedias serve as the first approach in relation to a totally unknown area. However, we consider it essential to recognize the importance of a tool that has profoundly changed the development and communication of knowledge: updating in real time, hypertext and the World linguistic dimension is indeed optimal instruments for a truly universal knowledge, the result of active collaboration of many individuals. Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in the world: in Switzerland, it ranks fourth behind Google, Facebook and Youtube. Therefore, we academics should not stay in our ivory tower, but contribute to Wikipedia to make a good starting point in the search for quality information.”

During the ceremony, our colleague Dr. Elena Marchiori gave a speech on “Esperienza turistica e comunicazione online” (“Tourism Experience and Online Communication”).
Find below her presentation: